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What is Preposition in English Grammar

What is Preposition in English Grammar

Preposition in English grammar actually a word that that point out location such as (in, near, beside, on bottom of ) and other relationship between noun and pronoun in a sentence and some other part of sentence such as after, beside, about, instead etc.


What is Role of Preposition in English Grammar

Preposition express how two words or sentences are linked. There are various prepositions such as “inside” “in” “on,” “behind,” “near,” “under,”, “at”, “to”, “for” etc.

These all prepositions indicate us how things are relative to each other. For Instance:

  • The dragon sat on the mat.
  • The Julie slept under the blanket.
  • The clouds dropped below the skyline.

A preposition is a word that commonly tells when and where something is in corresponding to something else.


Examples of Prepositions that Tell Us Where

Example of Where:

  • the girl behind the door.
  • (Here, the preposition “behind” tells us where “the girl” is in relation to “the door.”)
  • a mouse under the bed.
  • (In this example, the preposition “under” tells us where “a mouse” is in relation to “the bed.”)


Examples of Preposition that Tell Us When

Example of When:

  • the peace before the war.
  • (Here, the preposition “before” tells us when “the peace” is in relation to “the war.”)
  • one minute after the bomb
  • (In this example, the preposition “after” tells us when “one minute” is in relation to “the bomb.”)


What is Object of Preposition in English Grammar

Object of preposition in English Grammar refers the word or may be phrase which follows a preposition is called the object of a preposition. If there is a preposition, there must be an object of the preposition. Preposition cannot exist without its object. For Example:

  • I put the pizza on the table.
  • Jimmy handed the Mobile phone to Simran.


What is Prepositional Phrase

A prepositional phrase is comprised of object of the preposition and preposition itself with the modifier. Prepositional phrases are exceptionally normal. They work as either modifiers (Adjective) or qualifiers (Adverb). For instance (prepositional Phrases featured):

  • It is a call from Elon Musk.
  • (Here, the prepositional phrase “from Elon Musk” is functioning like an adjective because it is describing “call.”)
  • Eon Musk is trapped on the desert.
  • (Here, the prepositional phrase “on the desert” is functioning like an adverb because it is modifying the verb “is trapped.”)


Types of Preposition

  1. Preposition of Time
  2. Prepositions of Direction
  3. Preposition of Place/Position
  4. Prepositions of Manner
  5. Preposition of Phrase
  6. Prepositions of Participle
  7. Preposition of Compound

(Types of Prepositions will be explained in detail  with examples, in next post, so keep in touch with us)


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