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What is Noun – An Easy Explanation

In this post, students may learn what is noun and what are Its types and functions. So students should keep in touch with this post as it may teach you English grammar for your job test preparation and before this post if you have not studied previous lecture on parts of speech, then you must visit our first lecture on parts of speech.


What is Noun

A noun is the name of any person, place, thing, or idea such as, Women, Jennifer, School, Mosque, Happiness, etc.

It play the different roles viz. as subject, as direct object, as indirect object, as subject complement, as object complement, as appositive, as adjective etc.

what is

what is noun


what is noun

What are the Functions of Noun

Nouns can function in different ways listed below:

  • subject
  • an object
  • a complement within a sentence


What is Subject

A subject is an any person or thing that is being described or dealt with.

For Example:

The Firm is going well. (The firm is a subject)

Roses are the sign of love. (Roses is a subject)


What is Object

Object can be a person, thing, or matter to which thoughts or actions are directed.

Object is further split into Direct Object and Indirect Object. (We will discuss it in detail in later posts.)

For Example:

Direct object: I finally bought a new Ferrari Car. (Car is object)

Indirect object: Angelina gave Julie another Candy. (Julie is object)

Object of preposition: Roses are the signs of love. (Love is object)



There are various types of nouns, listed below:

  1. Common Noun
  2. Proper Noun
  3. Abstract Noun
  4. Concrete Noun
  5. Collective Noun
  6. Possessive Noun
  7. Singular Nounn
  8. Plural Nouns
  9. Regular Nounn

(Types of Nouns will be discussed in details in next post)


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