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What is Advisory Function of Organization in HRM

The Advisory Function of the Organization

What is Advisory Function of Organization in HRM

Advisory Function

The Advisory function in Human Resource Management is a skilled profession in managing human resources so can give advice on issues or matters relevant to the human resources within an organization. Human Resource Management can offer advice to the following:

  1. Advised to top Management
  2. Advised to Departmental Head


 Advised to Top Management

Top Management Advice is one of the critical Advisory functions of the organization. In this personnel, the manager advises the top management in formulating the policies and evaluation of personnel programs and procedures. The advisory function of Human Resource Management can also direct the top management on assessment of manpower and maintaining high-quality human relations and improving employee morale.

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Advised to Departmental Heads

In this function of the organization, the personnel manager advises the heads of different departments in the organization on various matters, for instance, manpower planning, job analysis, job design, recruitment, selection, placement, training, performance appraisal, etc.


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