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What do you mean by Recruitment in HR

Recruitment in HR is a significant responsibility of the HR department in any organization. Though HRM works in different areas comprising employee development, employee engagement, data management statutory compliance etc, one of the main focus for HR is to attract, select and onboard suitable candidates for the organization.


Why do you mean by Recruitment Process in HRM

Recruitment is the process of inviting qualified aspirants for a job role and Selection is the process of recognizing and selecting the right candidate for that job.

Each employee’s contributions play a essential role in the growth of a business. Therefore, it is very important to select the right person for the job. As a square box does not fit in a round box hole, therefore, square box should be fit for square box hole instead of round.

Hiring the wrong candidate is often much more badly effective than not hiring a person at all! Recruitment is not only an operational activity but a key strategic activity for the business.

Therefore, a strong recruitment and selection process should be developed in the organization of any business. Because the process

The right process reveals on your company’s professionalism and represents your organization’s maturity in appealing and hiring the right talent.

An effective process of recruitment and selection benefits in creation of a talent pool in a practical manner, consequently, helps in meeting the medium-term and long-term business objectives.

Recruiting comprises multiple stakeholders including senior level employees in your company and can cost a lot in terms of money and time. So, one need to guarantee that the process is well defined and enhanced to meet the needs of all stakeholders.

As we mentioned earlier that Recruitment and selection processes are part of HR Department. In order to maintain top talent and build a strong, reliable team, the HR manager needs to identify how to do the recruitment and selection process in the right way.

Techniques of Recruitment and selection required to be applied accurately to avoid increased turnover. In these days, apply artificial intelligence system is being applied in recruitment and selection process to increase performance successfully.

What is Selection Process in HR?


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