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What are Managerial Functions

Types of Managerial Functions

There are four managerial functions of Human Resource Management, listed and explained as follows:

  1. Planning
  2. Organizing
  3. Directing
  4. Controlling


Planning Function

In the planning function of HRM, the number and type of employees needed to achieve organizational goals are determined. It ensures the best fit between the human resources demand and human resource supply in order to avoid shortage of manpower shortage and surpluses in an organization. Research is a significant part of this function; information is collected through research and analyzed to recognize the current needs of future human resources and to predict changing values, the behavior of employees, and their influence on the organization.


Organizing Function

In the organizing function, developed an organizational structure to ensure the achievement of the organizational goals by different tasks allocated in its organization members. Organizational structure is characterized by an organization chart in which relationships may be identified because it is the actual chain of command. Relationships are established among the employees so that they can collectively contribution among employees could attain the organization’s goal due to the establishment of relationships within the organization.


Directing Function

In this directing function, ensure to activating the employees at different levels and enable them to contribute maximum to the organization. It is only possible through the proper direction and the motivation of employees within the organization and to recording the maximum potentialities of the employees in order for motivating.


Controlling Function

After planning, organizing, and directing, employees’ actual performance is assessed, proved, and compare with the plans. If the actual performance is found to differ from the plan, control measures are required to be taken to avoid deviations in the plan.


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