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Types of Recruitment and Selection in HRM

Types of Recruitment and selection are defined before the company announce to recruit employee and should consider the basis and variety of employee you are looking for.


Four Types of Recruitment and Selection

Mainly there are two types of recruitment and selection sources where from any firm can find potential employees, both internal and external, but there is also another types and that is mixed recruitment.


Internal Recruitment

Internal recruitment methods contain issuing announcements, opening positions changes, examining the organizational database for the type of skills they are required for in order to execute the job, and in order to match the capabilities, abilities, and proficiencies held by current employees. This recruitment and selection method explores internal sources, boosting promotions and filling positions.

The internal recruitment may drive job satisfaction and employee motivation as they see a new career opportunity available within organization. existing employees are being filled with responsible positions which certifies that they are embedded in the culture of the organization. However, problems can arise if the internal promotion system is not seen as fair.

Internal recruitment method may instigate negative impact, and to avoid that impact a fair methods and procedures are to be implemented by presenting the steps and rules of a structured promotion process.


External Recruitment

The external recruitment includes the form of revelation. The selection of recruitment method, either internal or external, made by managers, it depends directly on the strategy of the firm, which frequently has the strategy of promising internal promotions and transfers.


Mixed Types of Recruitment

Mixed recruitment is the mixture of internal and external techniques. It is made in a way that can settle the interest in filling the vacant position and the indebtedness of the company’s talents. There are three ways it can be done:

Prevalence of Recruitment Types

In attempting internal recruitment method, only in the façade of failure, is the search for professionals from outside the organization.

Prevalence of External Recruitment

Initially searching employee outside organization, in the market, and only on failure, the vacant positions are open to employees of the company.

Concomitant Model

External and internal recruitment occurring simultaneously. With this, it is possible to generate an equal competition between the candidates.


Online Recruitment

In online recruitment and selection, the use of internet is to be favored by the HR may be possible.  This or internal or external recruitment proficient. But for this, it is required to have a specialized platform to reach a larger number of candidates and automate the processes.


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