The Difference Between Recruitment and Selection

Recruitment and Selection are Two Different stages

Recruitment and selection are two different stages for hiring candidates.

If it is about recruitment, then focus should be on appealing, selecting, and designing the suitable candidates for positions within an organization, either temporary or permanent.

The term recruitment can be well-defined as the attraction of individuals to be incorporated into the daily routine work of the business/organization by pre-defining work requirements and specifying the worker profile.

It also measures an individual’s likelihood of employing in the business/organization as well as its compatibility with the organization’s mission, vision and values can also be measured by the recruitment process.


What Come first between Recruitment and Select

Recruitment and selectionn are different processes. At First the recruitmennt process is to be started that has as its belief: Attraction, selection and design of the suitable candidates for the selection phase.

After this 2nd phase, the selection is made and its purpose is to conduct the interviews and evaluate the candidates, in order to select an individual for the job.


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