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Objectives For HRM

What are the Objectives for HRM

HRM is the process of creating proficient and effective use of the existing human resources to attain the goals and objectives of organization. The latest trends reveal that the objectives for HRM have shifted from merely ‘hiring and firing’ to being one of the chief primary departments of every organization.

What are the Advisory Functions of HRM


There are Four Key Objectives for HRM

  1. Societal Objectives
  2. Organizational Objectives
  3. Personal Objectives
  4. Functional Objectives


Societal Objective

Societal objective for HRM required to be socially answerable and provide to society’s needs, demands, legal, ethical, environmental issues and other challenges should be attended adequately. Such as violation of legal issues like equal opportunity and equal pay for equal worker be avoided and care must be taken. They must make sure that the available resources are used for society’s benefit. For environment they should take care of releasing any kind toxic and pollutant elements in open environment in case of factories such as mining companies. Organization must help the society through establishing the schools, hospitals, Mosques, and to create employment opportunities for their local inhabitants and other social issues.


Organizational Objective

In organizational objective, where the human resource department required to ensure that the organization’s goals are met efficiently and effectively. It is responsible for supporting the organization with all of its objectives. Another critical organizational objective of HRM contains creating and maintaining a staff or workforce of well-qualified professionals and make the most of it to its full potential. The human resource job is to plan, recruit, train, and develop the Human Resource properly in an organization, to accomplish the organization’s objectives.


Personal Objective for HRM

In personal objectives of HR, Human Resource needs to know how to utilize, acquire, and maintain the employees in the best possible manner. The HRM should assist the employees to reach their personal goals so that they stay satisfied and supportive for the company. If the individual goals are not met, the employee’s performance might deteriorate, and the satisfaction level may decline. If the circumstance worsens, it may be possible that the employees switch the job in organization because of dissatisfaction. The attainment of personal goals will help improve the individual to creating work-life balance for and to contribution in the organization.


Functional Objectives for HRM

Functional Objectives for HRM executes so many functions for other departments within organization. Human Resource Management is responsible to enable the others departments for contribution of organization’s needs. It is HR’s responsibility to check if required functions are timely and property achieved by the human resource. HR has to provide the individuals an opportunities and motivation to work in the guidelines of the organization’s objective.


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