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Learn About Preposition Types

Hello dear students, we have covered all the types of preposition in our previous post, and in this post we are going to learn about preposition types that we did not studied in our previous posts. So keep in touch with this post.

Learn About More Types of Preposition

learn about preposition

learn about preposition

Preposition of Participle

Verb such as present participles (-ing) and past participles (-ed and -en) are used as prepositions, are known as Participle Prepositions. Such as assuming, respected, conserving, during, given, provided etc.

For Example:

  • I was sad given the fact that I disqualified the interview.
  • Assuming the possibility of rain, he carried an umbrella.
  • You will be successful provided you worked hard.


Double Preposition

Double prepositions are referring the two Simple Prepositions used together to connects the Noun(s) or Pronoun(s) to the rest the words in a sentence. Such as out of, inside of, in between etc.

For Example:

  • He is out of danger?
  • He was allowed the inside of the Mosque.
  • His one holidays is sandwiched in between three holidays.


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Compound Preposition

Compound prepositions formed by joining preposition and other word. Such as According to, with a view to, on behalf of etc.

For Example:

  • According to report, he is acquitted.
  • On behalf of my boss, I represent this meeting.

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