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Internal and External Factors Affecting Recruitment and Selection

Internal and External Factors Affecting Recruitment and Selection

Internal and External factors affecting Recruitment and Selection in all firms/business/companies, whether small or large, put their time and resources into the process of recruitment and selection of employees for performing the job activities. However, they do not consider the similar criterion for this.

There are factors that are usually not considered by firms or organizations, but it directly impacts the process. Administrative recruitment factors can be typically divided into internal and external factors affecting recruitment and selection in HRM.


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External Factors Affecting Recruitment and Selection

  • Company image
  • Unemployment rate
  • Supply and demand


Company’s Image

The image and reputation of company also impact directly on the number of aspirants who will be selected to the position. In many cases, the applicant not only targets the salary amount, but ranks the company’s qualifications and working conditions.

It is very common for firm or companies to prioritize aspirants residing in their respective cities. This avoids travel expenses for interviews and future allowances. The company’s image is very important because it is responsible for attracting a large number of aspirants with different levels of qualification.


Unemployment Rate

One of the manipulating issues in the recruitment and selection process is unemployment rate. The number of unskilled aspirants is very large, which create problems in attracting and holding suitable aspirants. While, decreasing the unemployment rate, it is important to explore new ways to recruit aspirants.


Supply and Demand

are the metric of the precise skills that requisite in the job market. If the demand for a certain skill is high compared to the supply, a bigger recruitment effort may be required. Therefore, the unemployment rate is higher in a given area, then process will be simpler for recruitment and selection.


Internal Factors Affecting Recruitment and Selection

  • Cost growth and expansion
  • Company size
  • Recruitment policy

Many firms or companies have a policy of employing aspirants internally or externally. one of the most used appointment in organizations is by Recruitment, as employees know about the company more, it will make it easier to recommend aspirant who can then easily familiarize to the organizational culture.


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