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Future Tense English – Explained Simply- 2022

Hello dear students explorer, this post continue from previous post of Past Tense, in this post we will explain about future tense english grammar. It is the base of writing the correct structured sentences in English language. Students must learn English grammar tense in order write and speak the English language.

future tense english


What is Future Tense in English Grammar

The future tense is used for a future activity or actions. For example:

  • I will jumpin the lake. (This is a future activity.)
  • I will be happy. (This is a future state of being.)


Simple Future Tense

The simple future tense is used describe an actions which is promised or thought to be occurred in the near future.


Formula for writing sentences in Simple Future :

Subject + shall/will + verb (1st form) + object

For Example


Future Continuous Tense

The future continuous (progressive) tense is used when an action which is promised or thought to be going on at a specific time in the future.


Formula for Future Continuous Tense in English Grammar:

Subject + shall/will + be + verb (ing form) + object

For Example

  • Daniel Redcliffe will be doing magic.
  • Emma Watson will be playing Tennis.
  • I shall be going home.


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Future Perfect Tense

The future perfect tense is used to show an action which is assured to be done by a definite time in the future.


Formula for Future Perfect Tense English Grammar:

Subject + shall/will + have + verb ( 3rd Form ) + object

For Example

  • Tom Cruise will have performed stunt brilliantly in movie.
  • Jony Sinc will have played game easily.
  • I shall have broken the Mobile Phone.



Future Perfect Continuous Tens

Future Perfect Continuous states the action that will be ongoing in the future for a fixed amount of time which the presenter is sure of.


Formula for Futuree Perfect Continuous Tens English Grammar:

Subject + will + have + been + verb (ing form) + for/since + time frame

For Example

  • You will have been playing since 4:00 PM
  • She has been working as Laywer for 3 years.
  •  I will have cleaned my room before my parents come home.


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