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Fraction as Percentage

Fraction can be convert into percentage with various methods, but in this post we will show two methods to convert fraction as percentage. First we will discuss the easy method, and we recommend you to follow first method because it is easy as compared to second method which we will show you in this post.

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How to Convert Fraction into Percentage (Method 1)

Basically there are two steps in this method to convert fraction into percentage, as follow:

  1. First divide the fraction to a decimal.
  2. Then in second step multiply the decimal by 100 and put symbol of percentage (%) to get percent value.

It seems so easy, but still students get confused. It is because they often do not know how to convert fraction into decimal.


How to Convert Fraction into Decimal

Conversion of fraction into decimal is so easy for example:

1/5 =  1 ÷ 5 = 0.2

Here we had a fraction of 1/5, we converted it into decimal as 0.2 by dividing 1 by 5. Now move to the second step, that is multiplication of decimal with 100. Lets see.

0.2 × 100 = 20%.


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Fraction as Percentage

Look at another example, Convert 6/12 into percentage.


Step 1: divide 6 by 12 as, 6÷12 = 1/2 = 0.5 ( here we get decimal of fraction)

Step 2: multiply the decimal by 100. 0.5 x 100 = 50%. ( 50% is the answer of 6\12).

Example 2: Convert 7/4 into percentage


Step 1: divide 7 by 4 = 7\4 = 1.75

Step 2: Multiply 1.75 by 100 = 175%.

Therefore, the fraction 74 is equivalent to 175%.


Conversion of Fraction as Percentage (Method 2)

In this method we first check what is the value at the denominator, if it is 100 then ok, if it is not 100 then we must have to be convert it into 100 by multiplying the number which exact divide the 100. Then we also multiply that number with the numerator, more you may understand by following example:


Convert 3/5 into percentage?


Here we can see the there is no 100 at the denominator but it is 5 at the denominator, so we have to convert it into 100.

Now if you we multiply 5 by 20 i.e. 5×20 = 100, it will become 100, we must also have to multiply 20 by numerator i.e. 3×20 = 60.

3/5 =  3×20\5×20 = 60\100 = 60%. 

I hope you understand this method, if you still have any query then please do ask in the comment section given below this post. I have some homework for you to solve this at comment section too and also share this post with your friends, classmates and colleagues.

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Convert following Fraction into Percentage:

  • 3\6
  • 1\100
  • 7\8
  • 8\7


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