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Capital Budgeting Decision | Explained with Examples

What is Capital Budgeting Decision

Capital budgeting Decision/Technique is the process a business undertakes to evaluate potential major projects or investments.

In capital budgeting Decision, projects that add value to a business are decided and chosen. Almost everything, including the acquisition of land or the purchase of fixed assets like a new truck or machinery, can be included in the capital budgeting process. Before a project is accepted or denied, capital budgeting is necessary.


Understanding the Concept of Capital Budgeting Technique

In an ideal world, firms would take advantage of any and all chances and projects that increase profit and value for shareholders. To choose the projects that will generate the best return throughout the course of the relevant time, management uses capital budgeting procedures since the amount of capital or money that each organization has available for new projects is restricted.

Additionally, if a company has a mechanism to assess the success of its investment choices, it is unlikely that it would survive in the cutthroat commercial environment.

Businesses—aside from nonprofits—are in operation to make money. Businesses may quantify the long-term economics and financial profitability of any investment project through the capital budgeting process.


Example Budgeting Technique

Examples of such projects include the construction of a new plant or a significant investment in a third party enterprise.

A business may examine the lifetime cash inflows and outflows of a planned project as part of capital budgeting to ascertain whether the projected returns will satisfy an adequate target benchmark.

Businesses are often compelled—or at the very least encouraged—to invest in initiatives that will boost their profitability and, in turn, the wealth of their shareholders.


Types of Capital Budgeting Techniques

Different businesses employ various valuation techniques to approve or disapprove capital budgeting initiatives. Finding out whether or not a project will be profitable is one of a company’s first jobs when faced with a capital budgeting choice.

The most popular capital budgeting techniques that businesses can use to choose which projects to undertake:

  • The payback period (PB)
  • Internal rate of return (IRR)

  • Net present value (NPV) methodologies

Although the three measures should all point to the same decision in an ideal capital budgeting strategy, these methods frequently lead to inconsistent outcomes.

Types of Capital Budgeting Techniques will be explained in separate post on next day.

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